The name of the organization is “The Chorus of The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Inc.”


The Chorus’ organization is authorized by ARTICLE lll, SECTION A of The By-Laws of the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Inc. (Santa Fe Symphony). The organization operates under the non-profit status of The Santa Fe Symphony, which is a non-profit corporation under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code. The Chorus shall do nothing to jeopardize this status such as lobbying or political endorsement.


  1. A Chorus Director (subsequently referred to as “the Director”) shall be appointed by the Santa Fe Symphony and be provided with professional remuneration by the Board of the Santa Fe Symphony.
  2. A rehearsal pianist shall be appointed by the Santa Fe Symphony and be provided with professional remuneration by the Board of the Santa Fe Symphony.
  3. A Council of seven (7) elected chorus members shall support the organization, provide leadership and continuity, as well as meet certain obligations essential for a smoothly functioning, consistent Chorus. These seven Chorus Council members shall be elected by the general chorus membership. The Chorus Council will then elect four officers from within its ranks. Additionally the Chorus Council shall designate one Chorus Council member to serve on the Board of Directors of the Santa Fe Symphony.
  4. Chorus membership is voluntary. Applicants for chorus membership shall audition and be evaluated for admission to chorus membership by the Director. The Director’s evaluation shall be the sole deciding criterion for membership. The Director may also request that all current or prior chorus members re-audition yearly.

Active Status: Singers who are selected for membership and are current in dues payments shall be active members of the chorus for the season.

Participation in the Symphony Chorus is on an “at will” basis. No contract rights or obligations for either the singer or Santa Fe Symphony are conferred by such participation.


  1. Chorus Director

The Director has the following key responsibilities:

  1. Oversee auditioning of singers.
  2. Prepare the Chorus for high-quality performance of the programmed Choral works.
  3. Attend Chorus Council meetings.
  4. Rehearsal Pianist

The Rehearsal Pianist shall be available for all scheduled rehearsals. The Pianist may be asked to accompany for Choral performances that do not include the Symphony Orchestra.

  1. Chorus Council

Council Elected Officers

  1. The Council President shall serve as liaison between the Director and the general Chorus membership, shall convene and conduct general membership and Chorus Council business meetings. The President shall also assume supervision of all chorus administrative duty, arrange for rehearsal space and the like and may delegate certain tasks to members at large as circumstances warrant.
  2. Vice President: In the event of absence, indisposition or delegation by the President, the Vice President shall assume all the responsibilities pertaining to the functions of the President.
  3. Secretary: shall keep minutes of all business meetings; distribute a copy of the chorus Rules of Operation and other singer guidelines, as well as copies of current membership rosters to all chorus members. In addition the secretary will notify the Chorus Council of any upcoming meetings. Also the secretary shall keep all records required by law, including these Rules of Operation and any other documents that are to be preserved. The secretary shall sign all instruments requiring the signature or attestation of the secretary. The secretary shall have the powers and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chorus President or Board of Directors of the Symphony.
  4. Treasurer: The treasurer shall collect, deposit and distribute Chorus funds. The treasurer shall keep the Chorus accounts and pay all bills when authorized by the president or such duly authorized officer. (S)he shall submit a financial statement to the Santa Fe Symphony when requested to do so. S(he) shall render a simple account at the end of the season at the Annual General Meeting, including annual chorus membership dues.
  5. Board Representative: shall attend Santa Fe Symphony Board meetings with voting capacity. This representative will inform the Chorus Council of pending Symphony Board matters of concern to the Chorus and will speak for the Chorus at Board meetings of the Santa Fe Symphony. This representative’s financial obligation as a member of the Symphony Board shall be the same as the musician members of the Symphony Board and therefore not strictly subject to the board members financial obligations, fund-raising, or donation, except by choice.

Council Meetings—Conducting Business

The Chorus Council shall meet a minimum of six times per year. The Director participates at these meetings as an ex-officio member. The General Director and Music Director of the Santa Fe Symphony receive Council meeting Minutes, are informed of meeting times and locations and are invited to participate. Council meetings are open to any Chorus member wishing to address the Council on a topic, or to observe.

Robert’s Rules of Order shall apply during business meetings. A quorum shall be defined as a majority of Chorus Council members being present at a meeting.

Council Leadership Objectives

The Chorus Council will promote positive communication within the membership, as well as:

  1. between members and the Chorus Director
  2. between members and the Santa Fe Symphony Board and staff.
  3. The Chorus Council will recognize, reward and encourage the voluntary service of the Chorus member.
  4. Chorus Members

Chorus Members are responsible for:

  1. independently learning the programmed music to the best of their ability
  2. attending the required number of rehearsals as defined in Article VI
  3. following all guidelines as specified by the Council.


Object and Purpose

The object and purpose of the Chorus is to support the Santa Fe Symphony in performing selected choral symphonic works to the highest level of mastery and in its numerous cultural, artistic, financial and charitable programs. The work of the Chorus will take place in a positive environment of camaraderie


A nominating committee appointed by the Chorus Council President shall solicit candidates for any of the seven elective offices from the active general membership. The President shall then call for the annual general business meeting to be held after a regularly scheduled rehearsal at least once during the fiscal year. At this meeting the recommended slate of candidates, any additional nominations from the general membership and proposed changes in the Rules of Operation shall be submitted to the membership. A simple majority vote of chorus members present shall elect the Chorus Council and change the Rules of Operation
Chorus Council members (7) shall be elected for a three-year term. Any Council member may resign at any time by giving written notice to the Chorus Council. Such resignation shall take effect upon receipt of the notice. The President shall fill Chorus Council vacancies until such persons can be elected at the next General Meeting. The Chorus Council shall elect the four officers and choose the Symphony Board representative at a meeting following the election, and shall assign a librarian, attendance person and any other duties to a Council member at that time.



Members shall be assessed dues as set by the Chorus Council, payable to the Santa Fe SOC. Payments are not tax deductible and these contributions shall be used for payment of workshop fees, sheet music rental or purchase and other miscellaneous expenditures; however, in any case, all dues shall be considered assets of the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Inc. The Chorus Council may reduce or waive these dues for intern or student members. There shall be no other dues waivers or dues reductions. The dues will be paid to the Treasurer and music will be distributed upon receipt of the dues.
With the exception of the Chorus Council, no chorister shall incur any debt on behalf of the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus nor approve any expenditure of funds.
The Chorus Council may not incur any financial liability or obligation(s) or as single payable valued at more than $500.00. If such a liability is required, the General Director of the Symphony must give his/her approval and/or bring it before the Board of the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Inc.
In order to help control overhead costs the Santa Fe Symphony & Chorus, Inc. frequently needs volunteer help. Therefore, choristers may occasionally be asked to help with various projects connected with Santa Fe Symphony and/or Chorus activities.


Rehearsal Requirements and other Protocol

Rehearsals and performances, including the number of required rehearsals shall be given to each member at the beginning of each concert repertory subject to revis A schedule of reheaion with two weeks notice. Attendance is expected at all rehearsals. Prior notice of conflicts should be given to the director or her designated representative as soon as possible.
Attendance will be taken at all scheduled rehearsals. Members who miss more than the maximum allowed of absences for a given program may be required to re-audition individually to demonstrate their mastery of the material to be performed. Although a singer may have met the general attendance requirement, the director may determine the number of rehearsals a specific member must attend in order to sing in a particular concert.
Other Protocol Specifics on rehearsal and performance protocols, as well as concert dress requirements, and any other details shall be followed as specified in other guidelines identified by the Chorus Council.


Disciplinary Action

Chorus membership is a privilege extended by the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Inc. through the Chorus Director. Failure to adhere to the organization’s standards set by the general membership through its adoption of these Rules of Operation may call into question continued membership which shall, in all cases be subject to the discretion of the director, unless otherwise provided by these Rules of Operation or the by-laws of the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Inc., or duly passed resolutions of the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

Neither the Chorus, nor any member thereof, shall act in any way detrimental to The Santa Fe Symphony. Any member so doing shall be removed from the Chorus, by the authority of the Symphony Board. The Chorus shall promote fellowship among its members and reach out to the community to support the Santa Fe Symphony.

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