Event Description

BE PART OF THE AUDIENCE FOR A NATIONAL PBS PROGRAM! The Majesty of Music & Mathematics will air on New Mexico PBS/KNME in 2018 and is to be distributed to PBS stations across the country. Please join us for this multi-media production that explores the interconnectedness of music and mathematics, produced by renowned science commentator, Miles O’Brien, and featuring remarks by Santa Fe Institute mathematician and computer scientist, Cris Moore, and musical selections by The Santa Fe Symphony, led by Principal Conductor Guillermo Figueroa. Don’t miss the chance to be part of a nationwide PBS program! The Majesty of Music + Math website is an online resource based on the original Majesty of Music and Mathematics concert in 2013. It showcases resources for music and math enthusiasts, as well as educators planning lessons on music and mathematics. To learn more about how mathematical patterns can help us understand rhythm, melody, and harmony, visit:  http://tuvalu.santafe.edu/projects/musicplusmath/

New Mexico PBS

Celebrating over 55 years of service, New Mexico PBS (KNME & KNMD-TV) serving most of New Mexico and the Navajo Nation, broadcasts a wide array of nature, history, current affairs, health, performance, children’s, educational and entertainment programs. New Mexico PBS produces NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS, COLORES! and a variety of specials. New Mexico PBS operates 5 digital broadcast channels: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 9.1, and 9.2. New Mexico PBS is co-licensed to the University of New Mexico (UNM) and Albuquerque Public Schools (APS). www.newmexicopbs.org Get Updates, Watch, and Follow New Mexico PBS on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & More!  
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Cristopher Moore Santa Fe Institute Professor & Computer Scientist

Cristopher Moore is a Professor at the Santa Fe Institute where he works on topics at the interface of mathematics, physics, and computer science. He has published over 150 papers ranging from quantum computing, to phase transitions in search and optimization problems, to the theory of social networks. With Stephan Mertens, he co-authored The Nature of Computation, acclaimed as “one of the best-written mathematical books…period.”

He is a (very) amateur musician who took piano lessons as a kid and tried to write sonatas in college. He dreams of playing the Shostakovich Fugue in E minor all the way through without any mistakes.

Santa Fe Institute

The Santa Fe Institute 
is an independent, not-for-profit research 
and education center where top researchers from around the world gather 
to study and understand the patterns underlying complex systems. These systems include proteins networked in cells, neurons in the brain, organisms in groups, species in ecosystems, companies in the economy, computers connected through the internet, and social organizations in cities. Though seemingly different, these complex systems share common features that can be understood through quantitative research.

& Musicians

Principal Conductor

Guillermo Figueroa


The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra


Sound is vibration. Rhythms have ratios. Octaves are fractions of one another. For centuries, musicians have used the mathematical relationships among scales and harmonies to pluck our emotions. Composers lull us with patterns and then surprise us with asymmetries. Even the planets play unheard songs in revolutions and orbits.