About Carmella

Carmella Scorcia recently joined The Santa Fe Symphony’s staff as the new Administrative Assistant, and is delighted to come on board! Carmella has a dynamic background of interests in New Mexican culture, accordion crafting and repair, flamenco dancing, Spanish language, and the arts. She completed a Master of Arts program in Spanish and Hispanic Southwest Studies from the University of New Mexico, during which she was fortunate to teach and direct programs in Nicaragua and Ecuador. She has also worked for the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Goldman Sachs, and Bilingual Strategies of New Mexico.

Recently, Carmella has also been apprenticing as an accordion craftswoman, repairer, and tuner under accordion specialist and master craftsman Tony Tomei. She is currently completing the New Mexico Folk Arts Master-Apprenticeship Program to become a certified specialist in the trade. Of course, she enjoys teaching, practicing, and playing the instrument as well! She also enjoys writing about the intricate cultural hybridity within Northern New Mexico, and is excited about her recent publication in the Journal of the Southwest in which she critiqued and analyzed the linguistics of one of many common folk tales of Northern New Mexico to clarify the obscure political, moral, and cultural economies, titled “Witch Tales of El Guache, an Ethnopoetic Analysis.”

Carmella is also the Founder and Coordinator of Luna Ladies, an organization dedicated to inspiring women through sustainable living and social/environmental justice within New Mexico. She is excited to be joining The Santa Fe Symphony and looks forward to an enriching experience with the organization.

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