About Penelope

Having failed utterly to fulfill her secret ambition to be a singer, Penelope ultimately embraced the alternative option of playing audience and volunteer fundraiser in support of the glorious music she finds so inspiring—and so essential for the well-lived life! Her long term and enduring love affair with Santa Fe commenced in the summer of 1982 and was consummated in the autumn of 1990, when she finally moved from Boston, Massachusetts.

During her two decades spent in New England, Dr. Penland, having been awarded a Teaching Fellowship, initiated several new courses for her department’s curriculum, and received her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Boston University, during the year of America’s bicentennial. Previously she had the complex experience of being the first female and non-ordained minister to be admitted to training at the superlative Danielsen Pastoral Counseling Center at BU’s School of Theology, during the powerful Second Wave of feminism. Subsequently, she became a Clinical Supervisor at the Danielsen, helped to found the Department of Art and Expressive Therapy at Lesley College in Harvard Square, and built a large and diverse private practice as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, with several associates, focusing on systems therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups.

She moved to Boston from Germany, having moved to Germany from the agrarian south of the US, in the small Georgia towns of Thomasville and Boston—yes, the other one.

While serving as Vice-President for the Board of Directors of The Foundation for The Symphony, she chose to endow the Principal Chair Cello, and has had the decade-long pleasure of savoring that legacy while still alive! She enthusiastically recommends this endeavor for anyone who dearly loves symphonic music and wants to help ensure its presence, in perpetuity, in our City Different. It is truly a joy to help bring great music to life.

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