About Elliot

Elliot Stern, M.Phil. – Co-owner; Vice-President for Development, AMENERGY

Elliot Stern has had many strong musical influences in his life including his father, cousin and Alexander Leslie, the founder and first conductor of the Springfield Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra. His father took him to his first live concert, a recital by Fritz Kreisler; his cousin exposed him to Jazz and wind music and Maestro Leslie, with his wonderful children’s concerts with full symphony exposed him to the emotional power and fun of orchestral music.

Elliot’s career includes work as a Research Director for an experimental preschool foundation, Marketing Manager for Xerox, Research & Training Director for non-profit HMOs, Congressional Committee Staff Director, Director of the Stein Gerontology Institute, and Co-owner of Williams, Stern & Associates, health care evaluation firm.

Elliot and his wife, Judith Williams relocated to Santa Fe New Mexico in 2006 and immediately became active with a renewable energy companies and a low-carbon lifestyle.

Both he and his wife Judith support community organizations concerned with children, the elderly, environment and nature, human rights and music.  Former positions include Chairman of the Miami-Dade Healthy Start Coalition; Vice-President of the Florida Association of Homes for the Aged; Chairman: Dranoff Two Piano Competition in Miami; Board and Vice-President of GLAS, for Buddhist art  & education.

Elliot’s current project, “1000 Doors to Other Lives and Worlds,” fosters individual student inquiry and networking while focusing on reading, music, film, and media education at the Santa Fe Early College Opportunity High School.

Elliot believes the symphony orchestra is the highest expression and synthesis of art, technology, and social networking of the last century as its role in the 21st century is evolving.  The Santa Fe Symphony is a leader in shaping new roles for the orchestra within the Santa Fe community and for future generations, while preserving musical traditions.

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