About Everett


Everett Zlatoff-Mirsky was born December 29, 1937, in Evanston, Illinois, and has spent his entire life and working career in the Chicago area. His father, Alexander, was a well-known artist and his mother, Evelyn Hill, an actress. The family moved to Chicago shortly after Everett’s birth. A product of the Chicago Public Schools system, he attended Nettlehorst Elementary School and Lane Technical High School. At Lane, he was the Concertmaster of the orchestra.

Everett’s first teacher was Raymond Niwa, a faculty member at Chicago Musical College. When Ray left Chicago to join the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Everett started studying with Ray’s teacher, Morris Gomberg, at Chicago Musical College, Roosevelt University. Everett studied with Mr. Gomberg all through high school and attended college at Roosevelt to continue his training. He attained his Bachelor  Music degree in 1960 and his Master in Music degree in 1961. Everett received all of his training as a violinist and musician at Chicago Musical College.

During Everett’s college years, Everett began working in recording studios. In his freshman year, two Roosevelt University faculty members, Karl Fruh and Harold Kupper, recommended him to a well-known studio contractor, Sol Sobrov. Gradually, over a period of months, Sol began using Everett when regular players were unable to get to the recording studio due to various problems. (The close proximity of Roosevelt University to the recording studios made Everett easy to use as a last-minute replacement.) During Everett’s college, Sol used Everett with increasing frequency and eventually that substitute status gave way to being one of the “regulars.” Sol became not only an employer but a real friend to Everett and helped him become well-known to the rest of the “studio crowd.”

Eventually, Everett became the string contractor for Dick Marx and associates and also for ComTrak as well as contracting for other prominent studio producers such as Cliff Colnot, Roy Vombrack, Tom Washington, Terry Fryer and many others.

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