About Kathryn

Born in England, and having grown up in south Florida, Kathryn Nun has been embracing “the arts” of Santa Fe since her family’s relocation in 2001. Prior to joining The Symphony family in 2006, Kathryn was the Creative Services Manager for Computersite Engineering and the Uptime Institute, a Santa Fe-based engineering consulting firm specializing in mission-critical data centers across the United States. Kathryn now proudly serves as the Creative Director for The Santa Fe Symphony and is responsible for keeping an unlimited number of balls in the air at all times. She manages The Symphony website, creates all advertising and marketing materials—including the Season Brochure, Program Book, and Event Programs, and oversees The Symphony Box Office.

For approximately nine years, before moving to New Mexico, Kathryn was a legal assistant for two of the most prestigious medical malpractice, wrongful death and personal injury law firms in the state of Florida. After promising herself a new journey in the “Land of Enchantment”—far from the legal field and closer to her passions for music and art—within one week of her arrival she was hired at a local Santa Fe law firm. Breaking her promise to self, Kathryn quickly recognized her need for more creativity and moved on to pursue her artistic career.

Coming from an extremely artistic family, Kathryn has been applying color to everything in her path since she was able to hold a brush. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising & Design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, with further education in graphic arts and web development at the Santa Fe Community College.

During the rare occasions when Kathryn is not at her Symphony desk, you will find her sitting in front of her easel, paintbrush in hand and covered in acrylics, creating new pieces of art for local galleries. Strongly inspired by music, Kathryn expresses intense emotion in her paintings which are evoked by the music she listens to while painting—the more inspiring the music, the more passionate her pieces become.

If any “free time” remains after juggling balls at The Symphony and painting, Kathryn enjoys spending it with her three dogs on her eighteen acres in Cerrillos. She is passionate about travel, cooking, and drinking wine with her chef husband, and partaking in any activity that involves great music!

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