About Laurie

Laurie Rossi’s introduction to the Symphony was five years ago when she bid on and won a chance to conduct the Symphony at the annual Gala. Until that time she had only attended a symphony performance once, while on vacation. After that first experience with the baton in 2014 she made a 24 year plan to study conducting, music theory, cello, and accordion with the goal of becoming as proficient at conducting as possible. This has involved as many as 8 hours of lessons a week. To date, she has conducted the Santa Fe Symphony four times at its December concert, another local orchestra, and the Santa Fe Concert Band. She has become a regular in the Symphony audience and has traveled to a number of other major Symphony performances and insists that no matter how famous the ones she has heard have been, Santa Fe’s is the best. She serves on the Music Education Committee and is editor of their newsletter.

Laurie grew up in a Chicago suburb and taught high school English for 33 years, coaching five sports. She also competed in hundreds of running events, from milers to 22 marathons and one ultra. She also competed in speedskating, bike racing, and downhill and xc ski races. Since moving to Espanola in 2000, she has been active in the Los Alamos Search/Rescue team. It is here she met her husband, John Scully, and joined him in his passion for rocks and gems. Together they travel to exotic places to acquire them for their business. Her countries visited approaches 100 and she often takes her granddaughter and daughter, also a new cellist.

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