About Mark

Mark Johnson is Secretary to The Santa Fe Symphony’s Board of Directors. He is an experienced product leader at organizations both tiny and large and has a track record of translating complex technologies into usable and successful products, most recently as CEO of Zite, which he sold twice: once to CNN in 2011, and then to Flipboard in 2014. As an adviser to Zite, Mark helped to pivot the company from a search startup to a successful personalized iPad magazine, and was asked to take over as CEO. Just five months later, he sold Zite to CNN. At CNN, Mark continued to run Zite as CEO within CNN. Thanks to a great team and a solid product, he sold Zite out of CNN to Flipboard in March 2014. Mark previously was a product manager who trained at SAP and then plunged into three successful search startups: SideStep (acquired by Kayak for $180M in December 2007), Kosmix (acquired by Walmart in April 2011), and Powerset (acquired by Microsoft in July 2008). Through the Microsoft acquisition of Powerset, he ran product management for the Powerset office of Bing. Currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Descartes Labs, Mark is on the lookout for interesting leadership opportunities at technology and media companies, as well as consulting gigs, advisory roles, and seed investments.
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