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The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra operates under a cooperative structure, where the musicians, staff, board, and management work together for the good of the entire organization. Musicians hold seven seats on The Symphony’s Board of Directors and have ultimate responsibility for the Artistic Governance of the corporation.

All musicians donate to the organization. The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra produces seven to nine programs per season, running from August or September through May. The ranges of salary for these positions are approximately $4000.00 for section players and $5000.00 for principal players per season. The Santa Fe Symphony is a per service organization and is not able to pay travel for out of town musicians.

Please send a resume or any questions you might have via email to The Symphony’s Personnel Manager, Nicolle Maniaci, at

The required repertoire list and more information will be located on this website six weeks prior to any future audition dates. The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra does not supply sheet music.

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