Emma Scherer

Read 40 Stories!

“When I joined The Symphony two years ago, nothing could have prepared me for the warmth, talent, and passion of this incredible team. I stepped off the plane into Maestro Figueroa’s waiting car (whose license plate is lovingly imprinted: “BERLIOZ”) and went straight to my first-ever Santa Fe Symphony rehearsal. Tensions were high: We had just come out of 18 months of pandemic and virtual concerts, which had stretched musicians, board members, and arts administrators in every conceivable way. I wore a mask constantly, unable to see the smiles of the people who would become my closest friends and colleagues over the next two years.”

Every monthly concert came with a new set of challenges: COVID spikes that crippled our attendance, outbreaks that meant musicians had to withdraw from long-planned commitments, patrons who couldn’t return to the symphony hall for fear of their safety. Yet, at every opportunity, Santa Fe opened its arms to us, its resident Symphony and Chorus. Our patrons returned to make live music with us, filling the Lensic, The Cathedral, and every other venue with the sound of applause and appreciation. My heart was filled every day with the sense that our mission was understood by the community, that we supported local musicians and the local economy with our performances, special events, family concerts, and education offerings.

Now, after two years with these outstanding people, I’ve heard some amazing stories and have quite a few of my own! Musicians who have played with us since our infancy remember performing with André Watts, Christine Brewer, Dave Grusin, Susanna Phillips, Eddie Daniels, and more. Conductors who have led our beautiful chorus and orchestra were filled with inspiration at the sound of voice and instrument joined in harmony. Staff who have weathered the turbulence of recessions and national health emergencies are excited about the future of The Symphony. And our patrons and donors have shared 40 memorable years with us, filled with applause, laughter, occasional tears, and most of all, beautiful music. Inspired by these experiences, we created the 40 Years | 40 Stories initiative. We hope that, as you read them, you find new meaning in each performance.

We hope you are similarly inspired to return to our concerts and perhaps even bring a friend or two to join you! And if there is a story you want to share about your time with The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, simply email us at 40stories@santafesymphony.org or just give us a call at 505.983.3530. We can’t wait to hear from you and we can’t wait to share this glorious anniversary season with you!

Warm regards,
Emma Scherer
Executive Director