Gilbert Uribe, Bass Guitar

Award-winning singer-songwriter Gilbert Uribe has been captivating audiences worldwide with his spellbinding charm and dynamic melodies.

Originating from the vibrant culture of southern New Mexico, award-winning singer-songwriter Gilbert Uribe infuses his music with the irresistible rhythms of Cumbia and Salsa, the timeless essence of Classic Soul and R&B, plus the infectious energy of Reggae and Rocksteady. Gilbert is a full-time professional musician, award-winning music producer and songwriter and music educator. Born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico, he grew up listening to bands working in towns along the US-Mexico border. One such ensemble, The Cruces Band, played a significant role in the development of his musical sound—enough so that after the death of Chando Ontiveros, the band’s bass player, Gilbert, revamped one of Cruces’ songs into a tribute to Ontiveros. Titled “Just Love,” the Nosotros version features him as a singer as well as on bass guitar.

Music along the border is a true blend of the various cultural groups that settled the region. And as a result, Gilbert’s compositional style reflects the rhythms and melodies of Southern New Mexico. He and the original members of Nosotros, for example, grew up listening to cumbia style music while growing up in Las Cruces. The distinctive rhythms of the cumbia they heard originated in Colombia and travelled north into the US. The boys took what they heard and in songs like “Cumbria 19” added a New Mexico twist to them.

Gilbert says it’s hard to believe that he and his fellow Nosotros members have been performing together more than 30 years now. But thanks to their overwhelming success, he says “as long as our fans keep dancin’, we’ll keep crankin’ out the music.”

Creating a mesmerizing experience that transcends boundaries and borders, Gilbert is in high demand as a bassist. In addition to his work with Nosotros, he has performed with notable artists over over the course of his career such as Raul Pacheco (Ozomatli), Anything For Selenas (Selena Tribute Band), Nohe y Sus Santos, Joseph General & High Vibration, Luna Llena, Casey Mraz & Los Metamorfos. He has also appeared on stage with Reviva, Leah Leyva, Gwendy Joysen, Chamán, Crazyfool, Dusty Low, Dre Z Melodi, Mister Kali & CoDread, Keith Sanchez and the Moon Thieves, I. CONSCIOUS, Innastate, Metafora, Henry Sutro & The Zig Zagz, and Agua Bendita. Still other prominent names he’s played with include Savor Cuban Street Music, James Fox, Liquid Cheese, Radio La Chusma, Frontera Bugalú, Bandwidth No Name, Trés Pendejos, Rebecca Arscott & One Heart Fyah, BlesInfinite, En-Joy, Son Como Son, Eduardo Reyes, Burque SOL, Christiano de Concepto Tambor, and Sina-Aurelia Pleasant-Soul.

During the pandemic, when bands weren’t able to perform before audiences, each member of Nosotros “hosted” an online concert in a series called Nosotros in the Park. Gilbert’s episode is No. 6 in the series. Click here to check it out on YouTube.