Bettina Milliken was born in Switzerland; growing up her passion was the circus and horses. She dreamt of running away with the Circus! In her earliest school years, she learned to play the recorder and then she began taking piano lessons at the conservatory. However, the teacher appeared very strict and dull to her, and did not nourish her circus loving soul. Thus, she was dismissed. 

After interpreting School in Zurich, Milliken received a degree in Fashion Design, and worked in an art gallery. At age 20 she went to New York City and was determined to make that large, free, wild city her home. It took seven years. Working at the Andre Emmerich Gallery enabled her to meet her husband, who had just opened his own gallery in Soho. She also learned about the Big Apple Circus where she served as a board member for 11 years. During that time, she came across Patch Adams with whom she went to Russia three times working as a clown in hospitals. Milliken was thoroughly inspired.

Bettina and her husband moved to Santa Fe in 1990. She created the “Santa Fe Clown Care Group” over 20 years ago and mostly worked with the elder population in assisted living and retirement communities. This landed her in The Santa Fe Symphony Chorus nine years ago as somebody suggested that she audition. She also received a master’s degree in Art Therapy from Southwestern College, which structured her intuitive clownery into a more educated manner. Singing in The Santa Fe Symphony Chorus motivated her to create a Clown Chorus. They perform gigs for the same population with music and singing that reaches their young souls! It is a wonderful pleasure to do so!