The Santa Fe Symphony Chorus has a considerable history of musical excellence in choral performance. The Chorus of Santa Fe was founded in 1979, five years before The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra. In 1986, that group joined The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra to form the present organization known as The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus. As a result, The Symphony gained a choral component, and the choir acquired an orchestra to provide symphonic settings to choral music.

Membership in The Symphony Chorus is voluntary. We are committed to polished, well-rehearsed performances meeting the very highest of professional standards. The cost of sheet music, vocal workshops, and study aids is defrayed by annual dues assessed each member and payable to the treasurer at the first rehearsal. The Symphony pays the salaries of the Choral Director and a rehearsal pianist.

Membership is by audition, and members are expected to re-audition every year to remain in the choir. The Choral Director holds auditions and has the final word about the participation of any chorister.

A communication tool for current singers, accompanists, directors, and supporters, these pages comprise the Chorus Handbook, Rules of Operation, and current season schedule, which include information on scores, allowed absences, and rehearsal recordings. Each season we will also provide a member roster directory containing contact information for the Choral Director, Chorus Council members, and our rehearsal pianist, as well as a list of all current choristers.

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Rehearsal & Performance Schedule
More info Information on concerts, as well as this season's full chorus and sectional rehearsal schedules
Chorus Handbook
Read more The Chorus Handbook describes our commonly agreed upon protocol and some fairly obvious notions governing rehearsal and performance, supplementing the Rules of Operation.
Chorus Rules of Operation
Read more The Chorus Rules of Operation describe the conditions under which The Chorus shall function in order to sustain and promote the artistic standards of the chorus.