LaVelle Martin grew up in a musical family. Her dad had a country western band and played engagements all over the Panhandle of Texas. He couldn’t read music, but he played many instruments by ear—his specialty was the violin (or fiddle as it was known in Texas). Music has been an important and satisfying part of LaVelle’s life. When she was two or three years old she often sang in family friends’ homes with her dad accompanying her on the piano. Two songs she remembers well are “It’s a Sin To Tell a Lie” and “You, You, You.”… It must have been an interesting show.

After moving to Los Alamos at age nine, LaVelle continued to sing at functions and for anyone who cared to listen. She took voice lessons in high school and participated in singing groups throughout her school years.

LaVelle is a retired teacher from the NM Public Schools. In 1974 she moved to Santa Fe from Albuquerque, where she had attended UNM. She began singing with the Chorus of Santa Fe in 1979, and when The Santa Fe Symphony decided to add a chorus she immediately joined. She has sung with the chorus every season since. Perhaps she imagines her last breaths will be while singing with The Symphony and her wonderful fellow choristers.